About Us

Hello. My name is Alin, and my family has been in the wood-carving business for more than 60 years. When I was a young boy in Romania, I spent hour after hour in the workshop of my uncle. I loved working with wood and started making things for my own home.
I worked in the building industry for some years, learning a lot and developing useful skills, such as carpentry, drylining and plastering.

Thanks to that combination of wood-working and building experience, I can design, build and install beautiful Garden Pods, customized to my clients’ exact needs.
I enjoy discussing with homeowners what they want, suggesting the various options open to them, and then getting down to the work of designing and making products that they’re happy with.

We build our Garden Pods to the highest standards and with the best materials. They can be used for many purposes, including home offices, art and music studios, home gyms, children’s playrooms, teen dens, or simply for extra, multipurpose space or a garden refuge of calm.

My reward is the work itself and the pleasure of my customers - Alin Gusa